Visiting wild horses is an inspirational experience. We visited Mustangs on the plains of Nevada in January 2006. The environment in this part of the world creates hooves and equine health that horse owners dream about. More and more equine professionals are taking the step into wild horse regions around the world to further our understanding of this most awe-inspiring animal.

^ All domestic horses start out life with a back just like this beautiful stallion pictured above. There is no reason why horses in domestic situations should have anything different. A saddle giving the horse room to round their back when being ridden is really important.

A striking fact about the horses was that it was winter and they looked fantastic. The forage was like these pictures for miles around; dry grasses, shrubs, succulents, herbs and bark, including that from the Joshua tree, we witnessed them ripping it from the trees and chewing it as if it were as slice of hay. Their diet is very different from the unnaturally fertilized and engineered green fields commonly used to feed domestic horses in the UK (which contributes significantly to our many hoof/horse problems). The ground had no earth that you could speak of, it was sand, shards of rock and larger rocks. The horses had made paths running through the land which were distinguished by approximately 18” wide tracks. 

<Exquisite Photo of wild Mustang hooves courtesy of Asa Nuttal. CP. Nevada

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