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Healthy hooves. 11/7/8
Hooves are a great window for assessing whole horse health. There are endless clues to health and well being in the hooves alone. Experience and ‘an eye’ for what is both good and bad will help make positive decisions on all equine management. 

Unhealthy hooves. 26/7/8
Hooves are a great window for assessing whole horse health. There are many indicators that the whole horse as well as the hooves are having problems. Recognizing ‘red flags’ in the hooves will help to make positive changes for the whole horse.

How can the saddle affect the horse ? 20/11/10
This is a very informative article from Balance International Saddles. It is information for anyone who cares about the health, soundness and general welfare of their horse. Saddle fit / design can cause lots of problems including hoof health and balance. It could be that a hoof professional is scratching their head about high heals or intermittent lameness for example. This information could help.....

To be ‘dewormed’ or not to be ‘dewormed’. That is the question !
We have seen some negative effects of chemical wormers in horses hooves and soundness. The effects may last a few weeks and owners cannot understand why their horse ‘is off’. YES worms need addressing, but with an educated approach to deworming. If you own a horse that reacts badly to chemical wormers this may help solve a big question mark after worming your horse. We have found that if you need to use a chemical wormer then using a quality herbal detox formula and / or a gut stabilizer like Yea Sacc - before, during and after administering the chemical can help support the horse’s system.
‘I’ve been told, you have been told, and we have all been told that ‘all horses have worms’... eventually you believed, I believed, we all believed ! Dr Dan Moore, The Natural Vet

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