Shoko - Lame Irish draft x youngster with serious behavioural issues

Rusty - Percheron x diagnosed with navicular

Prince - 110% Warmblood x straight out of shoes

Spencer - More than just a trim ? Not this time

Indiana - Endurance horse / tank

Chennete - Thoroughbred x - time for a change !

Obi - 21 year old Arab - still up for it

Dilly - Bretton 110% out of shoes (hoof fits shoes...)

Charro - Appoloosa - healing a stubborn crack

‘Cob’ - A cob’s amazing response to barefoot

Gromit - Deformed hooves fixed fast and playing polo cross

April - Laminitic Welsh x fixed !

Silver - Irish draft stops doubters in their tracks

Izzy and Benny - Mum V six month old foal comparison

Ronnie - Highlighting the importance of taking on board the whole picture

Ben - Fell with awesome self maintaining hooves

Tess - Insightful owner trimmer’s seasonal changes story

There are many reasons why horse owners and professionals choose a barefoot approach instead of steel shoes. Some horses have never been shod while others have been shod for many years.
Keeping a horse barefoot is a popular choice among horse owners in the UK. Horses in all equine disciplines - endurance, hacking out, dressage, show jumping, hunting, cross country, racing, eventing - are excelling. The decision to keep a barefoot horse can be made from when a foal is born through to taking a horse barefoot at 20 +
Our case studies present a small selection of stories to demonstrate it is a personal experience for every horse and their owner. We have worked with hundreds of barefoot horses and every one has been an individual.

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