INDIANA STORM(Set up trim 9/10/6. Latest pictures and text added 3/7/7)
    AGE. 5 years
    BREED. Ardennes X Irish Draft
    ACTIVITIES. Endurance
    HOOF CARE / HISTORY. Never shod

‘We are enjoying our first season of novice endurance and completed our first competitive ride at Brown Wardle Sport Endurance, 24th June 2007, 32km LS. The course is classed as tough and we managed fourth in our class and kept up with my friend's advanced endurance horse. I am aiming to upgrade myself and Indi to Open Level with both Sport Endurance EGB this year. Watch this space!’

Image thanks to'Fotograffs'

Brown Wardle Sport Endurance 32km >

Right front 3/7/7
Right front 3/7/7 Right front 3/7/7
Left hind 3/7/7
Left hind 3/7/7
Left hind 3/7/7
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