Hoof care
www.uknhcp.org United Kingdom Natural Hoof Care Practitioners
Promotes natural hoof care within the UK. UK practitioner referral service. Conducts a hoof care practitioner certification program.
www.barefoothorses.co.uk Nic Barker
uknhcp certified instructor. Loads of valuable information on equine rehabilitation and competing barefoot horses.
www.performancebarefoot.co.uk Sarah Braithwaite
uknhcp certified instructor. Performance barefoot horses. Powerful case studies. Great video clips.
www.hoofrehab.com Pete and Ivy Ramey
World famous hoof rehabilitation specialist. Excellent web site.
www.equinesciencesacadamy.com ESA
‘Applying the principles of the natural life of wild horses to the care and custody of the domestic equine.’
www.coronavistaequinecenter.com Robert Bowker VMD PhD is a world leading scientific researcher on the equine hoof


www.drkellon.com Eleanor Kellon VMD, one of a handful of experts in the field of applications of nutraceuticals for horses
wow.thenaturalvet.net DR Dan Moore
‘My mission in life has simply been to formulate natural alternatives that work and work for all’. Excellent written and audio articles
www.safergrass.org resource for ‘safe’ grass / grazing.
Site used across the world as a resource for what is ‘safe’ grass and how knowing about it may help prevent laminitus in horses.

www.laviniamitchell.com Independent saddle consultant. From straight forward consultations to fitting complete saddling systems,
I can help you....’ (UK)
www.saddlecompanysaddles.co.uk Saddle manufacturing company with forward thinking ideas. (UK)
www.balanceinternational.com Balance saddles. A saddling system resulting from years of study with an emphasis on the horses right to comfort as well as the riders.

Therapists and services
www.equine-osteopathy.org.uk Emily O’Sullivan BSc (Hons) ost med PGDIP
Equine osteopathy (Yorkshire and surrounding areas) (UK)
www.crossgatesfarm.co.uk Crossgates Bioenergetics
A natural solution for animals and humans. Homeopathic remedies and much more. (UK)

Behaviour and training
www.lynnhenry.co.uk Lynn Henry
Author of ‘Think like a pony’. A series of books for pony mad children and their parents. Offers one to one tuition through to riding club demonstrations (Yorkshire and surrounding areas) (UK)
www.hartshorsemanship.com Ben Hart
Ben’s mission - ‘to help people better understand horses, donkeys and mules, by improving knowledge of behavior’. (UK)


Magazine subscriptions


United Kingdom natural hoof care practitioners

Packed with progressive thinking articles covering alternative therapies, training, horse care, nutrition, treating ill health. Brilliant !

Q & A with the vet
Dr Tesky Q & A on natural hoof care. Fascinating insights into all manner of hoof issues.

‘If you own only one shoeing DVD series, this should be it.’
American Farriers Journal
May/June 2008 issue

An excellent addition to all equine professionals research material. During a recent Pete Ramey clinic, an equine vet stood up and announced to the crowd that after four years of vet school, fifteen years as an equine vet, numerous clinics and two trips to the Bluegrass Laminitis Symposium, he had just learned more about hooves from the clinic than during the rest of his entire career combined.



By Nic Barker and Sarah Braithwaite
Feet First. Barefoot performance & hoof rehabilitation. UK publication by two of the leading UK’s barefoot hoof care feet first book image specialist’s. If you work with horses, have a barefoot horse or are considering barefoot then get this book.

By Pete Ramey
Making natural hoof care work for you.  Excellent book for horse owners, vets and hoof care providers.

By Jaime Jackson
The Natural Horse. Inspirational work introducing new models for hoof care and horse keeping, natural gaits, anatomy, behavior and training.
Horse owners guide to natural hoof care. The barefoot alternative to horse shoeing.
Founder. Prevention and cure the natural way. This ‘Little red book’ is a must for anyone who is dealing with the complex problems of laminitis. It introduces a break through into treating laminitic horses. Highly recommended.
Paddock paradise. Introducing a system to promote natural equine behaviors with the domestic environment. Has many solutions for keeping horses healthier and managing land more effectively.                                                        

By Lisa Simons Lancaster
The sound hoof. Horse healing from the ground up. Covers all aspects of hoof care clearly and concisely for the 21st century. Includes lower leg anatomy, terminology, laminitis and navicular, hoof care theory and research that has progressed both barefoot and shoeing to where it is today. 


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