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Winning the ‘Chase me charlie’ jumping 4’3” at Horsforth horse show

RINGO again >
Haywood Oaks EGB. 40km
Owner’s Ann and Emily Ferguson

Photo by Orkney Sports

Orkney pony club jumping league
Owner Katie Coward

Photo by Orkney Sports
Photo by Inshot
Photo by Inshot

A great day today at the Horsforth horse show !
Storm won the
1. Hunter in hand
2. Riding club horse
3. Ridden hunter
4. Ridden championship

Owner Janet Walsh

^ STORM has had success after success. In 2009 winning the riding club horse and riding club type champion at the Halifax agricultural show. He qualified for the festival of champions, Yorkshire horse of the year, ultimate showcase (dressage and showing)  ponies UK and UK chasers . He has been first or second at every dressage competition scoring up to 78% prelim and novice.
In 2008 he won novice and elementary dressage at the festival of champions and reserve champion in the best condition. He won  the ridden hunter, riding horse, best condition, part bred Welsh  and supreme championship at Ilkley show, the ridden horse  riding club horse and horse championship and reserve supreme at Port Royal. He was third and fourth at the UK chasers regional dressage final.

< CHARRO Demonstration horse for author and inspirational teacher Lynn Henry. Lynn has written several books in her ‘Think like a pony series’ visit for further information

Photo courtesy of West end photography

Endurance GB 25km pleasure ride Tebay. Cumbria
Owner Sarah Harper

At the Cliffton and Kearsley County show. Overall reserved champion
Owner Alix and Roslyyn Whitelaw

Image courtesy of Fotographs

Brown Wardle sport endurance 32km
Owner Sarah Harper

Domino "Double Dynamo" 14 year old gypsy cob 
Started competing in affiliated dressage Feb 2009. Qualified for the Novice Restricted Dressage to Music at Hartpury, Gloucester April 2009 and also April 2010 when they came 6th with 67.22%.
Qualifed for the British Dressage Summer Regionals 2010 at Novice restricted level. Have just started competing at Elementary.
Domino has also competed in Trec competitions
Owner Ruth O’Keeffe

Photo courtesy of Imagepont
Photo courtesy of Imagepont

> ALBY (The golden one !)
20 mile Sports endurance Owner Margret 

^ MARTHA (left) MARNIE (right)
20 mile sports endurance ride. GreaterManchester
Owners Pat Voisey & Athene Voisey

West Pennine Le Trec.
Ben placed 3rd in level 2 individual and qualified for Great Britain championship later that year
Owner Carol Gray

Image by 
Natural expressions photography

Doddington Hall pleasure ride
Owner Helen Wickham

< ASHBANK HERA Dressage competition in South Yorkshire scoring 66.95%
Hera won first place
Owner Evie O’Keeffe
Rider Ruth O’Keeffe

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