DILLY (Set up trim 2/11/5. Latest pictures and text added 21/1/7)
AGE. 9 years
BREED. Bretton
ACTIVITIES. Hacks out regularly on roads and bridle-ways.
HOOF CARE / HISTORY. Shoes removed in Nov. 2005. Owner was skeptical about going barefoot with her new horse but was encouraged by friends to do some research and decide if barefoot was an option they would consider. 90 % convinced they decided to try it out because at the time Dilly was settling in to her new home and working in the school. Her hooves were cracked and brittle and had an obvious deformity. Dilly never took a wrong step step and went rock crunching for fun !

Right front. 2/11/5
Right front. 2/11/5
Right front. 2/11/5
Right front. 2/12/6 Right front. 27/1/7
Right front. 2/12/6
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