RUSTY (Set up trim 7/3/7. Latest pictures and text added 14/12/7)
    AGE. 13 years
    BREED. Percheron x Cleveland bay
    ACTIVITIES. Hacking. Pleasure rides.  Has a go at ‘snigging’ ! (logging).
    HOOF CARE / HISTORY. Diagnosed with navicular disease in 2004. Started program of natural hoof care in March 2007. Diet changes alongside the trimming, have played an important role in developing healthier hooves. Changing to a forage based diet rich in vitamins, herbs, minerals, extra magnesium and limiting grass, all contributed to stronger hooves as well as helping a sweet itch problem.


Fronts 7/3/7
Left front 7/3/7
Right front 7/3/7

- Pictures above and below - Rusty has ‘pigeon toes’ (fetlock varus) but the improvements have been exceptional. The trimming addresses the excess wall growth on the medial heal and wall.

Left front  7/3/7
Right front 7/3/7


Image by  'Natural Expressions   photography'

^ Rusty and Helen at Doddington Hall 20km pleasure ride 7/7/7. Go Rust !

Left front   10/8/7

- Pictures above and below - show the five months of new growth approximately half way down the hoof capsule. The blue arrow points to the clearly visible change in angle from the the old hoof we are growing out and the new hoof we have grown in. Several factors have been responsible for growing a stronger connection between dermal and epidermal laminae to join the pedal bone and hoof wall: diet, exercise and pro-active trimming.

Right front   10/8/7

- Pictures left - Both left and right front solar views show the poor condition of the frogs and medio-lateral imbalance. The hours spent out long lining contribute to keeping the imbalance to a minimum. Straight lines are great when facing this type of uneven hoof ware
 - Pictures right - Frogs are now well calloused and bacteria free. This alone can make the difference between a sure footed confident barefoot horse and a sore horse.  Unhealthy frogs should always be treated as a serious issue and a combination of nutrition / topical  treatments will get the best results.


Fronts 14/12/7
Left front 14/12/7
Right front 14/12/7
Left front 14/12/7
Right front 14/12/7
Image by 'natural expressions photography'

Rusty enjoying the Doddington Hall pleasure ride 7/7/7

> Rusty now chooses to walk on this rubble path instead of getting muddy ! It may not seem remarkable but he was foot sore on anything OTHER than a soft muddy field a few months ago !!

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