GROMMIT (Set up trim 3/5/6. Latest pictures and text added 21/8/6)
AGE. 8 years
BREED. Quarter horse X Thoroughbred
ACTIVITIES. Hacking and polo cross
HOOF CARE / HISTORY. Grommit had been trimmed occasionally with a pasture trim for about 18 months. He stumbled and tripped. A natural trim did not take long to correct a lot of the deformed hoof structures which had been present for a considerable amount of time.

Grommit was competing in polo cross around the time the second set of photos were taken. He was working throughout this period and his ‘sure footed-ness’ and traction improved continuously. His hooves provided great traction on the polo cross field.

Left front 3/5/6
Right hoof 3/5/6
Left front 21/8/6
Right hoof 21/8/6
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