PRINCE (Set up trim 9/11/6. Latest pictures and text added 23/1/8)
    AGE. 7 years
    BREED. Belgium Warmblood X
    ACTIVITIES. Hacks out several times each week across Derbyshire’s rugged bridle ways. School work / jumping.
    HOOF CARE / HISTORY. We know Prince had worn a full set of shoes for at least six months (probably longer). He had been with his new owner Suzanne six months when she made a decision to start a program of natural hoof care with us in 2006. He had good hoof structure at this time and started work barefoot immediately. His performance was 110% from day one.

< Prince is a horse with ‘toe out’ distal limbs. His gait and foot fall have been closely monitored at each hoof trimming visit (pre trim and post trim). As months go by he becomes more ‘balanced’ as well as getting less ‘imbalanced’ between each visit. He has been 100% rock crunching straight out of shoes and moves very fluently and efficiently. Regular trimming on a five / six week trim cycle is very important to prevent the medio-lateral balance becoming exaggerated.
The hooves speak for themselves - tight white line, thick calloused sole material, even concavity around solar aspect, firm dense digital cushion, strong lateral cartilage’s, healthy calloused frog.

Left front 23/1/8
Left hind 23/1/8

Before pictures

Left front 9/11/6
Right front 9/11/6
Right front 23/1/8
Right hind 23/1/8

After pictures

Left front 23/1/8
Right front 23/1/8
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