CHARRO (Set up trim 7/7/5. Latest pictures and text added 15/11/6)
AGE. 15 years
BREED. Appoloossa
ACTIVITIES. Demonstration horse for Lynn’s ‘horsemanship with feel’ clinics.
HOOF CARE / HISTORY. Hooves had become weak and brittle and serious crack issues had made it clear that even the best shoe work available was not able to regain hoof structure

Owner Lynn Henry provides tuition / demonstrations on ‘horsemanship with feel’ across the UK.

Left front 7/7/5
left  front 7/7/5

‘Charro has changed a great deal since removing her shoes. Everyone who new her before she went barefoot comments on her improved performance and a significant improvement in her temperament’
Lynn Henry

Left front 15/11/6
Left front 15/11/6
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