CHENNETTE (Set up trim 3/10/6. Latest pictures and text added 31/5/7)
AGE. 15 years
BREED. Thoroughbred X
ACTIVITIES. Hacks out regularly. 
HOOF CARE / HISTORY. Known to have worn shoes 6 years plus. Hooves had developed long toes and under-run heals.

‘Chennette and I have been together for the last 7 years, our journey has opened my eyes and made me question everything I do.

In the search for everything natural I found Ross and Mel who gave me lots of support and advice not just about going barefoot but also natural feeding, stable and pasture management. Chennette had her shoes taken off in October 2006 and is making great progress with her transition, she had fine sand cracks down both front hooves which have all but disappeared.’

‘We have recently started having lessons with a natural horsemanship instructor who advised me that Chennette's saddle was pinching and restricting her movement. I was devastated to think that I had been causing pain whilst riding so took Sarah’s advice and arranged a Balance International saddle fitter to fit another saddle and advise on a remedial program of work to rebuild lost muscle. Not wanting to miss any area effecting Chennette’s ‘transition’ a massage therapist worked on her body to loosen and stretch sore muscles in her shoulders. Using a holistic approach has turned my beautiful mare into a happy and contented horse. It continues to amaze me just how forgiving and tolerant horses can be.’
Lynn Williams


left front 3/10/6
Left front 3/10/6
Right front 3/10/6
Right front 3/10/6
Left hind 3/10/6
Right hind 31/10/6


Left front 31/5/7
left front 31/5/7
Right front 31/5/7
Right front 31/5/7
Left hind 31/5/7
Right hind 31/5/7
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